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Call for Absract

Abstract Submission

  1. All abstracts must be submitted electronically. Faxed or hard copy submissions will not be accepted.
  2. Submitted abstracts will be accepted as panel presentation, oral presentation and poster presentation.
  3. Abstracts can only be presented if at least one of the authors is registered to the congress.
  4. Congress languages will be in English and Turkish, presentations will be in English with the exception for national abstracts, which will be submitted in Turkish and English.
  5. The abstract must be maximum 500 words (exclusive of title, author(s) names and institutional affiliation(s)), font type Times New Roman, font size 12. Abbreviations should not be used in the abstract.
  6. The extended deadline for submission of abstracts is Sunday, September 01, 2019; 23:59:59
  7. Authors may choose to present their papers as panel, verbal or poster presentations.
  8. Details of oral presentation will be informed from this page in the upcoming days.
  9. The accepted abstracts will be announced via e-mail of the authors in October 01, 2019.
  10. The authors who will make a presentation must complete the congress registration until  Friday, October 04, 2019; 23:59:59
  11. In addition to the registration fee for two or more abstracts submitted by the same participant author, a payment of 50 Euro is required for each abstract.
  12. You can get more detailed information about online abstract submission system from e-mail address:
  13. Details of oral presentation will be informed from  in the upcoming days.


Abstracts must be structured under the following headings:


Names of authors (First author1, Second author2, Third author3,...Name and surname) Times New Roman, size 12, bold

1Name of the Company/University – Times New Roman, size 10, Country – Bold
2Name of another Company/University – Times New Roman, size 10, Country – Bold

Background: The introduction sets the scene. The relevance of the subject needs to be explicit. It should contain one or two sentences to introduce the topic/ activity/ project/ area of research and the rationale. For research projects, the hypothesis should be included in this section.
Objectives: Provide a clear statement of the purpose or aims of the project/ activity/ study.
Method: Include information on how the project/ activity/ study was undertaken and describe the setting, sample and instruments where relevant.
Results: Describe the key outcomes of the project/ activity/ study. Preliminary or final results must be included in the abstract.
Conclusion: Provide explicit endpoints for the project/ activity/ study, and emphasize new and important aspects of the work. State the implications for nursing practice and/or opportunities for further research.

Papers will be published as abstract or full-text in the congress e-book. Authors, who would like to publish their presentation as full-text, should prepare the full-text paper in accordance with the guidelines which will be available soon.