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Dear Colleagues and Supporters of Health Care,

We would be honored to host you at the 1st International Nursing Care and Research (INCARE) Congress on 1-3 November 2019 at Hasan Kalyoncu University located in Gaziantep, the cradle of our cultural heritage. Main theme of the congress was determined to be “Innovations, Research and Best Practices in Health Care”. In all areas of nursing and healthcare, we are planning to discuss the evidence based best practices and research by nurses and other healthcare professionals who actively take part in medical care of individuals, families and communities. We also intend to enrich the scientific and social content of the congress with cultural events and your participation.

Distinguished colleagues from Azerbaijan, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Poland are expected to participate in our congress as scientific committee members as well as guest speakers to share their knowledge in their area of specialization. Our congress will encourage all participants including practitioners, educators, researchers and healthcare managers to share their research findings, experiences and evidence-based practices.

On behalf of the congress organization committee, we hereby invite all healthcare students, our esteemed colleagues, healthcare professionals, representatives from firms, institutes and enterprises operating in the care industry to our congress for experience sharing in an open and encouraging atmosphere.

Prof. Dr. Ayla YAVA
Congress Chair