-18 days.

Main Topics

“Innovations, Research and Best Practices in Nursing Care”
Abstracts that relate to the congress theme will be preferred, this may include but not limited to the following topics

  • Information, technology and innovation in health care
  • Management in nursing care
  • Ethical and cultural issues in nursing practice
  • Pain, sedation and comfort researches
  • Peroperative care
  • Adult health nursing practices
  • Women's health and obstetrics research
  • Pediatric nursing practice
  • Psychiatric nursing practice
  • Consultation liaison nursing
  • Patient and employee safety
  • Public health nursing practice
  • Aging and geriatric nursing practice
  • Quality of life
  • Family centered care
  • Patient Care in Chronic Disease
  • Palliative Care
  • Scale usage and scale development in researches
  • Nursing care protocols, care bundles
  • Medication and fluid administration
  • Infection control
  • Wound care and management
  • Intensive and critical care
  • Neonatal care and nursing
  • Diabetes nursing and researches
  • Specialist nursing practices
  • Nursing research
  • Evidence Based Nursing Implementations
  • Theory and model using in nursing practice